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Eiger - Thursday

Reading, Writing and Grammar

Today we are going to write a diary entry from Grace's point of view. This means that you write from the perspective of the character... pretend to be them!

Read the first two double spreads of Grace and Family. Think about what would've been written in Grace's diary before she received the invite to Africa.

‘Why can’t I have a proper family?’ 
'If only my father lived at home with us too.’

Look at this Grace and Family ‘graph of emotion’. Can you place the image of Grace throughout the story? Discuss and decide how you think Grace feels on receiving the letter from her father and then realising she was going to visit him. 

Discuss ideas about how Grace feels when she hears about her father’s invitation to visit his family in Gambia and note them down.

Use your notes to help you write a diary entry, in role as Grace, expressing her thoughts and feelings about visiting her father. You can even make little books to use as a diary!


Can you group your sentences into paragraphs?

Don't forget to edit!
Edit your writing by...

Re-reading it!
Read your writing to check it makes sense.
Read your writing to check your punctuation is correct (that means capital letters and full stops!).

Making it more detailed!
Add some adjectives to make your writing more interesting for the reader.

Getting some feedback!
Read your writing aloud to a family member and see what they enjoyed about the writing and any ways in which it might be improved.

Publish your writing to finish the writing process.
You can use lined paper to publish your piece of writing on. Make sure you write with neat, joined handwriting.
You might like to draw a picture to present it with too.


We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.

This week we are going to use last week's learning to help us compare durations of time. 
Comparing is when you look at two things and see what's similar or different about them.


1.                                                                                                             2.


Special Task

Can crush experiment!

Can you write a hypothesis explaining how you think the experiment works?
Can you draw a diagram showing what happens to the can?


Send me your videos!