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Sugarloaf - Monday


Read the excerpt from the adventure story "Desert Disaster" below:

Respond to the questions below:  

Make sure to use full sentences when responding. 

1. How did the author catch your attention right away? 

2. List the descriptive language the author has used to create their main character. 

3. How has the author described the setting of the story? Make sure to think about the contrast of the two different settings he has described.

4. The author ends the first paragraph with the sentence "Before long, the taxi had taken him away from the crowded city roads and dropped him off at the edge of the wilderness."  Why do you think he left off at this point? What does it create for you as a reader? 

5. Name the onomatopoeia in the text above. 


You are going to write the introduction to your adventure story today. Focus on just the one paragraph. 


Think about:

How will you catch your readers attention? 

How will you introduce your main character (hero) ? 

How will your adventure begin? 



The Opening of your adventure story:

 Your character is walking through the desert when they stumble upon a tomb. They decide to step inside the tomb and the adventure begins. 


If you need inspiration click the links below: 

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx

Robin Hood

Please submit your first paragraph to  


We are going to take a look at synonyms and antonyms.  

Watch the video below:

Complete the work below using your knowledge on synonyms and antonyms:

View document synnyms---antonyms---chalrie-and-the-chocolate-factory_____1_.pdf

 Once complete please send to me at: