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Sugarloaf - Friday


We are going to practice working with our antonyms and synonyms again. This is great practice for our story writing and will help us when choosing language in add in our writing. 

View document synonym_and_antonym.pdf


Use one of the new vocabulary words in your writing. 



Today we will be completing the last step of our story writing. The "Ending". 

How will you fix the problem your hero ran into? 


You should now have a completed 5 paragraph short story based on the adventure in the desert. 

Check over your writing using the success criteria below:


Success Criteria: 

I have a clear structure to my story which is easy to follow.

I have included each in my writing: opening, build up, problem, resolution and an ending. 

I have used varied and interesting vocabulary throughout.

I have made my writing lively and interesting and thought about the reader.

I have confidently used different types of sentence (think of the Alan Peat sentences of the week). 


 Once you are sure you have done the best work you can, please submit all writing and pages to


Maths Challenge: 





I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I would love to hear what you get up to!

Take care Sugarloaf, 

Miss P