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Snowdon - Friday

A message for the weekend

Dear Snowdon class,

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend! There is just one week left of this school year! You have been working so hard, keep it up!

I hope you all have a fantastic time on your zoom calls this week meeting your new teacher! Over the weekend, why don't you have a think of some questions you might want to ask?

Remember that reading is a great outdoor activity! Send any pictures of you reading in interesting or beautiful outdoor spaces to

Best wishes,

Miss Warner


This week we are reading...

Gorilla by Anthony Browne




Reading Task

There are lots of books by Anthony Browne! Have a listen to some of his other well know stories. 

Silly Billy

Willy the Champ

Willy the Wimp

What is the same about many of his books?

What differences are there?

Which story is your favourite? 

 Would you recommend this book to a friend? 

How many stars would you give it out of 5? Why?

Have a go at writing a book review to explain your ideas.

Here is a template to help you.

I know that lots of you have been doing lots of great reading while we have been away from school. It would be fantastic if for each book you read, you wrote a review just like this one!


Special Task 

 As it is nearly the end of term, I would like you to look back over the year and think about your favourite memories. 

Here is a worksheet to give you some ideas!