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Ben Nevis - Wednesday

This week we are reading...

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister


The Rainbow Fish slideshare 

Reading Task

How many adjectives in the story can you find that describe the rainbow fish, his friends and the ocean around them? Can you write them all onto rainbow fish's scales? 

Now have a go at writing some of your own adjectives to describe these images and put them into a character description of Rainbow Fish and his friends.

Use your 2A sentences to make your writing even more interesting and exciting!

The shimmering, shiny fish has colourful, beautiful scales.

The wise, caring octopus lives down in a deep, dark cave.

The tiny, blue fish had lots of loyal, thoughtful friends.



French Practice

Here is a link to the French Practice page on our website. 

French Practice

Special Task

Explore the ocean!


Rainbow fish lives in the deep, blue sea.

What are the names of the world's oceans?

What do you know about the ocean?

Here is a link that will give you a virtual tour of the world's oceans. What can you spot? 

Coral Reef Tour

Underwater Dives!