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Sugarloaf - Tuesday


Make sure you continuing to read for at least 20 minutes everyday!

 Why we all read stories twice all the time – Poynter


We are going to begin planning an adventure story of our own. 

What do we need to remember to include?


We have: 
  • characters
  • setting 
  • plot 
  • conflict 
  • resolution

Today we are going to focus on characters. 

I want you to begin to think about the character you would like to feature in your own story. 
Will they be like Marcy?
Will they be more like yourself? 
Will they be a super hero? 
It's up to you! 
Complete the character template below. 
You can also complete the semi-colon exercise using what you learned yesterday! 

View document character-creation---semi-colons.pdf

Sentence structure of the week:  

We are going to use semi-colons in our sentence structure of the week this week as well! So much practice! 

Please write 5 of your own Some; others sentences and email your work to me. 


Extra Challenge: