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Fuji - Tuesday



The setting of a story refers to the time of day or year the event is happening and where it is happening. In our story Journey to the River Sea, the setting changes depending on what Maia is doing in that part of the story.


How many different settings have we read about in Journey to the River Sea so far? 

  • Maia's boarding school
  • The train station
  • The boat
  • Manaus, Brazil
  • The Carters' house

There are some more I haven't mentioned in this list. How many others can you think of?



Watch this short video to revise what we have learnt so far about setting


Today, you are gong to describe one of the settings in our story Journey to the River Sea. Think about using your senses to the describe the setting:

  • What does it look like? What interesting things can be seen?
  • What sounds can be heard?
  • Is there an interesting taste in the air (this is common in beach settings when the character can taste salt in the air)?
  • What do the objects feel like?
  • What does it smell like?


You might like to describe one of these settings, or any other setting in our book that we have read about so far:

  • The boat
  • The Amazon river
  • The river Negro
  • Manaus town centre
  • The Carters' house
  • The huts behind the Carters' house
  • The Amazon rainforest
  • The Teatro Amazonas (the theatre)
  • The Manaus museum
  • The dance school


 Here is an example of a setting description. I have highlighted the use of different senses for you.

The Manaus Market

The market was dazzling. There were watermelons bigger than babies and green and yellow bananas and some that were almost orange. There were piles of nuts heaped on barrows and the faint smell of pineapples, freshly caught fish and fish that had been dried. Animals could be heard tugging at their ropes and all around were interesting textures of delicate lacework, silverware, woven baskets and leather bags. And selling them, talking and laughing, were beautiful black women in brightly coloured bandannas and Indians in European clothes and Indians with painted chests and feathers, and slender Brazilian girls with golden skins.



Task: Select a setting from Journey to the River Sea and describe it using the five senses. You do not need to use ALL five senses but try to use at least three.  


 You may either write your setting description using pen/pencil and send me a photo of your work or email it to me at 





Multiplying two and three digit numbers by 1 digit.

There are many ways to multiply large numbers by one digit. Last week, we learnt column multiplication. Today, you are going to use partitioning and a part part whole model to solve the same problems. 


Watch this video to remind yourself how to multiply two digit numbers by 1 digit using partitioning. (It does take a few minutes to get to the partitioning so just be patient at the beginning).




Watch this second video to remind yourself how to multiply three digit numbers by 1 digit using partitioning. (It does take a few minutes to get to the partitioning so just be patient at the beginning).



Today, you are going to take the maths questions that we did last week and you will solve them using the partitioning method. Here is an example of how I would like you to set out your work.





Task: Complete the work below. Make sure you show all of the working out by drawign your part part whole model for each question. All students should be able to do Blue work (level 1). The pink work (Level 2) is for students who would like to challenge themselves with work that is a bit more difficult. 



 Blue Work (Level 1)





Pink Work (Level 2)



Please email the work to me at 



Hnads on Activity - Amazon Rainforest Yoga.



 We have talked about how important it is to practise yoga regularly. Here is a video with some rainforest animal yoga poses to try. Can you make up your own yoga poses for some other rainforest animals? 


 Task: Create a Rainforest Animal yoga sequence.

 Send me a picture or video of your Rainforest Animal yoga to