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Eiger - Tuesday



This week we are reading...



Today we will be focusing on vocabulary.

 Listen to Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman (Above). Pause the video when you come across one of the following vocabulary words: "fortune," "appear," "auditions," "grand," "imaginary,"  and "success".

Here is a great online dictionary for children. It also has a new 'Word of the Day' which you could use to learn new words every day! 

Britannica Kids

When you have found the meaning of your new word, use the worksheet below to help you to use the word in different ways. 


We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.

This week we are learning about the durations of time.


Special Task


In our story this week, Grace loves putting on plays for her family. I would love for you to find a story and perform it for your adults at home. It can be a pantomime, a fairy story, a scene from a film or anything you fancy! Get creative and make some props to act with or a stage to perform on or even make tickets to give to your grown ups. 


 Make sure you send pictures  to !