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Matterhorn - Thursday

Reading, Writing and Grammar



Today we are going to create a Caring Manual.

Read the story again and examine the illustrations involving Grace's family. From the faces on the characters of Ma and Nana, and from the way these two women are shown relating to Grace, (hugging her, holding her hand, playing with her), imagine how Grace's family members feel about each other. Describe simple ways to show caring for friends and family. Remember, showing we care needs not always involve traditional gift-giving.

Write sentences describing how you care for others like your family members, friends, or other people. Use your sentences to create your Caring Manual containing ideas for showing that you care. 

Here's some sentence starters to help you:

I show I care by...
When I... it shows I care.
My family like it when I...
If I see... I... because...
My friends and I...

Can you group your sentences into paragraphs?
You could write one paragraph about how you care for your family, one for how you care for your friends, and one how you care for other people.

Don't forget to edit!
Edit your writing by...

Re-reading it!
Read your writing to check it makes sense.
Read your writing to check your punctuation is correct (that means capital letters and full stops!).

Making it more detailed!
Add some adjectives to make your writing more interesting for the reader.

Getting some feedback!
Read your writing aloud to a family member and see what they enjoyed about the writing and any ways in which it might be improved.

Publish your writing to finish the writing process.
You can use lined paper to publish your piece of writing on. Make sure you write with neat, joined handwriting.
You might like to draw a picture to present it with too.


We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.

This week we are learning about the durations of time.
The word duration is the length of time in which something continues.

Top tip: Write down the times the clock is showing first. For our first challenge, it would be 7:00 and 7:45.




Special Task

Make a mini version of your favourite book for your toys!

What would you like to read to your toys? A bedtime story? Would it be a pirate adventure, a fairy tale or a soothing lullaby? Would it be a factual book about other countries and cultures, about the universe, about life at the bottom of the ocean or about a famous period of history such as Ancient Egypt or the Fire of London? It could be a graphic novel, a recipe book or a sketchbook. It could be a schoolbook to help your toys learn about the world, a book to write music in or perhaps it’s a simple ABC.


Here's the link to the website with all of the instructions, and even a how-to video!

Mini book website 

Send me your pictures!