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Sugarloaf - Friday


Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx is an Adventure story.

Click the link HERE to watch a quick video and take a short quiz on adventure stories! 

We will be creating our own adventure story! Today we are going to focus on the plan. 

Your story must include: 

-Character you created (they will be the hero of the story). 

-Setting description you have written (Egyptian Desert)


The Opening of your adventure story:

 Your character is walking through the desert when they stumble upon a tomb. They decide to step inside the tomb and the adventure begins. 

Use the template below to begin to map out your story!




Reading and Reading Comprehension: 

Read the following non-fiction text. 

View document commonlit_egypt-s-pyramids_student.pdf

Find the meaning of the vocabulary below (make sure to add them to your glossary!): 





Was there any new vocabulary in the text that you found? Find the meaning and let me know! 


Respond to the questions below:


3.       Explain what the "ka" is in your own words. 

4.     What was the purpose of burying someone’s valuables with them serve? Why did the ancient Egyptians think they would need these things in the afterlife? 


Maths Challenge: 





I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I would love to hear what you get up to!

Take care Sugarloaf, 

Miss P