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Snowdon - Friday

A message for the weekend

Dear Snowdon class,

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend! There are just two weeks left of this school year, you have been working so hard, keep it up!

Remember that reading is a great outdoor activity! Send any pictures of you reading in interesting or beautiful outdoor spaces to

Best wishes,

Miss Warner



This week we are reading...

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister


The Rainbow Fish slideshare 



Reading Task 

Would you recommend this book to a friend? 

How many stars would you give it out of 5? Why?

Have a go at writing a book review to explain your ideas.

Here is a template to help you.

I know that lots of you have been doing lots of great reading while we have been away from school. It would be fantastic if for each book you read, you wrote a review just like this one!


Reading Comprehension  



Special Task 


When we were still at school, we made some fantastic mini worlds for 'Where The Wild ThingS Are'.

All we used were cardboard boxes to make the set for our mini worlds, and then we painted the inside and decroated them with both natural and recyclable materials!

Can you have a go at making an ocean mini world for the Rainbow Fish and his friends to live in?

Here are some ideas to inspire you: