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Forest - Friday


Follow this link to Oxford Owl and log in using these details:

Username: Forest Class 

Password: Parents2020

  Click on My class login

 Click on My Bookshelf

 Read 'I can hop'


Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups

Well done everyone, you have now learned all of the sounds in set 1 and 2. You will now review and consolidate all the sounds!

Watch the video and practise the sounds

RWI Set 2

Follow the link below to review all of the 2 letters sounds (digraphs) we have learned.

Pick a Picture 

 Click on the 'Start' button

 Click on the 'Phase 3 Sets 6-7' button

 Sound out the word, blend it for reading and choose the matching picture.


Miss Fernando's Group

Even though we have finished learning all of the sounds, it is really important to keep practising them. Watch the video and practise the sounds.

RWI Set 3 sounds

Now you can play the game 'Dinosaur's Eggs'

Today we will focus on spelling words with the sound 'ow' --->

Listen to the word, sound it out and click on the matching spelling.




Watch the video about sharing. Some groups are odd and some are even.

Sharing Equally 

Using some objects at home, such as cereal, fruit and small toys, share some objects between different groups. How many are in each group? What do you notice? Can we share all of them equally? Are any of them odd?

Share 9 between 3 groups

Share 7 between 4 groups

Share 12 between 4 groups

Share 18 between 3 groups

Share 15 between 4 groups

Special Task

Let's get stretchy! Today we are going to take part in Yoga with an interesting story!

I hope you had fun learning about sharks this week!

Take care and have fun! 



Miss Cohen