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Eiger - Friday


Today we are going to be answering some questions from a text. We call this exercise comprehension. To comprehend means to show you understand something. When we answer questions it shows we understand what the writing is telling us.



We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.

This week we are learning about the durations of time.
The word duration is the length of time in which something continues.

Top tip: Use bridging on a number line to help you count. (See how in the video below!)



Special Task

Glow in the dark jellyfish!


  • heavy-weight paper bowls
  • white yarn
  • glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint (we used FolkArt and Martha Stewart brands)
  • paint brushes and painting supplies
  • scissors
  • zipper sandwich bags
  • skewer or sharp pencil


1. Paint the bowl inside and out.  Use two or more coats of paint for a brighter "glow".
2. For the tentacles, cut 10 - 12 pieces of yarn approximately 36 inches in length. Place them in a zipper sandwich bag with several squirts of glow paint and seal the bag.
3. Squish! Squish! Squish! until the yarn is completely covered, adding more paint if necessary. If the paint is too thick, add a little water to the bag.
4. Hang the yarn to dry.
5. At the centre of the bowl, punch two holes about 0.5 inch apart using a skewer or sharp pencil.
6. Cut a piece of yarn approximately 40 inches long.  Thread it through the two holes so that both ends come out the bottom of the bowl.
7. From the inside of the bowl, pull the yarn up to form a small loop.  Thread the tentacles through and roughly centre them under the loop.
8. Flip the bowl, pull the yarn taut and tie a double knot.
9. Back on the inside, grasp the tentacles as one bunch and tie a single knot.
10. The frilly appendages flanking the mouths of some types of jellyfish are called oral arms.  To recreate these, unravel a few pieces of yarn that hang close to the center of the bunch.
11. Charge your jellyfish creation in bright light for at least 30 minutes.  Turn out the lights and enjoy its luminous glow!

End of Week Message from Miss Tanner

Hello Eiger ninjerinos,

I hope you have had a lovely week of learning! Please continue sending me all of the incredible things you've been doing, I love it! Keep your eyes peeled on the next Weekly Update for all of your cool work posted under Work of the Week. Feel free to keep sending me your Epic! Reading Recommendations and messages/replies for The Message Board. If you have any other great ideas for our class website, please send them along too.

I miss you, and I hope you enjoy some mtime this weekend!

From Miss Tanner