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Sugarloaf - Wednesday

Listen to the reading of Give and Take:

Poem from All the Best by Roger McGough

I give you clean air

You give me poisonous gas.

I give you mountains

You give me quarries.


I give you pure snow

You give me acid rain.

I give you spring fountains

You give me toxic canals.


I give you a butterfly

You gave me a plastic bottle.

I give you a blackbird

You gave me a stealth bomber.


I give you abundance

You give me waste.

I give you one last chance

You give me excuse after excuse.


Is there a rhyme scheme followed throughout the poem? Make sure to use proof and your own thinking in your response. 

The poem speaks in first person. Who do you think "I" is in the poem? What message are they trying to get across to the reader? 

Describe the image being created throughout this poem. What do you see in your mind as you listen to the poem being read. 

Contrast is shown throughout the poem. Example: 

I give you clean air

You give me poisonous gas.

Can you find three other examples of this throughout the poem? Why do you think the author used contrast in their writing? 


You can either type and email me your work or you can send me a picture to: 


Year 5 French

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Here is an optional experiment you could conduct at home!

Have you ever noticed an apple starts to go brown after you cut it open? Why do you think this is?

This is actually a chemical reaction at work! In this experiment, you’ll learn more about how the oxygen in the air around us causes this reaction (also known as oxidation). 

Apple Oxidation Experiment

Here are step by step instructions on how to conduct this experiment: CLICK HERE

Use the PDF to record all your findings!

I would love to hear what you find!