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General Info

The School Day

The gates will be open at 8.30am, when the children may come into the playground where an adult will supervise them until the bell goes at 9.00am. Children should book in for dinner or packed lunch in the hall each morning and dinner money will be collected at this time. At 9.00am a bell is rung and the children line up to go into their classrooms. A punctual start to the day is essential. Children must not be late for school. School ends at 3.30pm and children should be collected on time.

The School Timetable

Infants – KS1

9.00 – 10.25


11.00 – 12.00


1.30 – 3.30

Juniors – KS2

9.00 – 10.25


11.00 – 12.30


1.30 – 3.30





Attendance and Punctuality 

It is your legal responsibility, as parent or carer, to make sure your children are in school each day and on time.  Their progress will be adversely affected by absence or lateness.  It is vital that the school is informed on the first day of absence why your child is away and when they will return.

Holidays in term time are strongly discouraged.  If this is unavoidable, parents are asked to fill out a holiday form (the maximum is two weeks per year) and return it for the Headteacher to sign. 

Persistent absence and lateness is addressed by the Attendance and Welfare officer. 

Cycle Rack

There are lots of cycle and scooter racks in the playground. Bicycles must be left securely and school can not be responsible for them. 


We ask that valuables are not brought into school. All mobile phones brought to school must be left with the office staff.

Children in the Juniors are permitted to bring 10p into school to purchase a piece of fruit at playtime.


Any medicines brought into school should be labelled, with clear written instructions of their use and given to a First Aider who will administer it when necessary. Please ask in the office before leaving any medicines in school. In order for school to administer prescribed medicines a form must be completed which is available from the office.

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