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Sir Francis Drake

Values and Aims

Sir Francis Drake Primary School - The school where everyone is valued and all succeed.

Our values

Education is a powerful force for social justice. If we care about the children, we care about high standards for all.

  • Respect - recognising the worth, quality and importance of others while celebrating their differences.
  • Perseverance- having the ability to continue to maintain a purpose in spite of difficulties.
  • Responsibility – being able to account for all your deeds & actions and promote self-discipline.
  • Creativity – being able to think and create in an original way.
  • Integrity – following your principles.
  • Thoughtfulness – being considerate & kind to others at all times.

Our aims

  • High standards for all because every child matters.
  • Provide a safe and happy learning environment which is welcoming, supportive and challenging, so that every member of our community enjoys coming to school and is motivated to do their best.
  • Provide a rich curriculum that will equip children with the skills, confidence and independence needed in order to secure a lifelong love of learning. 
  • Develop and nurture talent and aptitude of all kinds and at every level, so that each individual in the school's community feels valued.
  • Help children to become responsible citizens who contribute positively to society by ensuring that our values are at the heart of all we do.
  • Provide spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and take active steps to combat disadvantage and provide equal opportunities for excellence.
  • Continue to develop the learning environment to inspire awe and wonder in our community
  • Encourage active involvement with parents and community to raise achievement.