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  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Knitting Frenzy
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Wonderful Home Learning from Denali As part of our Proud to Be focus this month, the children have been investigating their heritage. Lots of children have been finding out lots of very interesting things!
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Seeds of Happiness Year 5 have been learning more about their brains and neuroplasticity in a programme called seeds of happiness. This week the children learnt about the importance of sleep and exercise for the brain and had a go at some Hindu squats to keep them active. They talked about the stretch zone and trying to move out of our comfort zone and what we can do if we reach the panic zone.
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Live Poetry with Joseph Coelho On Wednesday, Year 5 and 6 joined a live stream event as part of Black History Month. In English, they have been reading ‘Happy Here’, an anthology of 10 stories and poems from Black authors and illustrators. One of the short stories was written by poet and author Joseph Coelho, who talked to the children about his writing, his inspirations and his own experiences as a Black author. He also introduced us to some of his poetry and other writing, including his books called ‘Fairytales gone bad’. He explained how he started writing poems when he was at school and often wrote one-word poems. The children were also introduced to sonnets and abercedarius (alphabet) poems - ask the children to tell you more!He read the first chapter of his short story and then answered questions from different schools.It was really interesting to hear from an author and learn more about his writing.
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Amazing Year 4 Writing Year 4 have been using Aladdin and the enchanted lamp as their inspiration for writing recently. Leo has published an amazing piece of writing this week and got himself a well deserved shout out!
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Girl's Football On Wednesday afternoon All Saints Primary School came over with their Y5/6 Girl's football team to play ours. Just like last week with the Y3/4 teams we played a series of three, ten-minute matches. Although All Saints prevailed on this occasion, we’re incredibly proud of all our girls : this was their first taste of competitive football and all of the matches were very keenly fought, we just missed out on the fine margins at key times - but this will come with experience!
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Parent's Survey At the end of last year we sent out a survey to all of our parents to gather their views about the school. We had some fantastic comments and some great ideas that we can work on. We also sent out a survey to gather votes for inspirational Londoners for our classes to study for Black History Month. As part of this survey we gathered curriculum ideas too. On Monday we sent a letter to all parents with some headlines and comments from these surveys. All the information is available on our website:
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 School Journey Meeting Reminder to all parents of children going on school journey in November: Meeting in the hall on Tuesday 19th October at 9am.
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Secondary School Applications For parents of Year 6 children – please don’t forget that the deadline for applying for secondary schools is 31st October, although we recommend that you have submitted your forms by October 22nd. If you are having trouble with this please let us know and we will work out the best way to help you.
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Flu Sprays On Tuesday 30th November we will we welcoming NHS staff onsite to administer the flu nasal spray to any child in the school who has permission for this. We will be sending out letters next week with an online link which you need to complete if you want your child to receive this immunisation. We will also text the link too! More information about school flu vaccinations for children can be found here. We can not administer this without your permission so please do sign up when you get the link.
  • Monday 11 October 2021 Shout outs this week! Class
  • Monday 11 October 2021 Cooking Club this week Cooking club
  • Monday 11 October 2021 Year 2 Art Club
  • Monday 11 October 2021 Lego Club Thursday afternoons see Adele and her Lego club being very creative!
  • Monday 11 October 2021 Creative Art in Year 5 Year 5 have been using the book Happy Here and have been discussing happiness and what it means to them throughout the week. They have linked that to World Mental Health Day as well and the children have been creating art to express what happiness means to them using a range of materials.
  • Monday 11 October 2021 Year 3/4 Football Success! On Wednesday, All Saints Primary school brought their Y3/4 football team to our school to play our Y3/4 football team.
  • Monday 11 October 2021 #HelloYellow Today there was a real splash of yellow around the place! Children have been wearing yellow to support Young Minds and think about mental health. In their classes, children have been thinking about what they can do if they are worried or anxious. These can sometimes be difficult conversations to have, but they are important. We all need to remember that we are not alone and that there will always be someone to listen to us. Sunday 10th October is World Mental Health day so look out for things in the media and have conversations with your children about ways to keep healthy, both mentally and physically.
  • Monday 11 October 2021 Goodbye Ernestina! Last week we said goodbye to the wonderful Ernestina. She has worked in our school for a number of years in both KS1 and KS2 and has most recently been in Year 6.
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Cooking Club This started really positively on Wednesday for the Year 5 children. They made rainbow couscous, using peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn and spring onions, amongst other ingredients! It was a great success, everyone enjoyed it and can't wait to try making it at home!
  • Monday 4 October 2021 First Class Assembly in over 18 months! On Wednesday we were delighted to welcome parents into school to watch Fuji?s class assembly. We learnt all about the story of Aladdin and the classes? ambitions for the future, all rounded off with some fantastic singing.
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Amazing Home Learning from Year 5 Year 5 are learning all about Egypt. To start their topic they were invited to do a whole range of activities at home to get their brains working and their creative juices flowing. Rudayna, Mariam and Talia have created wonderful 3D models of some pyramids and the Nile and were able to talk very knowledgeably about Ancient Egypt already. Check out the actual soil in one of the models to represent the farmland in the flooded Nile basin!
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Creative DT in Year 1! Harrison decided that he didn’t have enough shoes so he set about making some new ones! He then needed a box for them, so Marnie made him one. There was a careful design and making process and then in the evaluation it was decided that the shoes needed a strap, so off they went to make one!
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Meet our new Sports Councillors The Sports council role is to feedback ideas for PE and playtime activities, to design and run our 60 Second Challenges, help to plan and run Sports Day and other school sport competitions and develop their skills as Young Leaders. They will work closely with Martin over the course of the year! Congratulations to them all.
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Phonics Workshop Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to Miss Warner’s phonics workshop on Wednesday morning, we hope that you found it useful! She talked about how we teach phonics in school and showed everyone lots of the resources we use. She even showed us part of a phonics lesson with two wonderful volunteers from Year 2! If you signed up for a resource pack please bear with us and we will get these to you as soon as possible. If you missed this workshop don’t worry – Miss Warner is running it again on Thursday 14th October straight after school in the hall.
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Harvest Festival Today we celebrated Harvest time. It has felt very autumnal this week, so it feels the right time to be doing this! We heard some fantastic singing from each class and were lucky enough to welcome Sheena and Hannah from Lewisham’s food-bank to tell us where all of our donations are going. No shout outs this week as assembly was all about harvest and thinking of others. Shout outs as normal next week!
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Black History Month Today sees the start of Black History Month.
  • Monday 27 September 2021 Cricket coaching in Year 4 We are really lucky to have cricket coaching back this year! The Year 4 children started this on Thursday. Both the coaches were great and the children reallyenjoyed their lessons. All the Year 4 children will be invited to join Deptford Dragons - our local cricket club and will also get the opportunity to compete against other schools in a cricket festival later in the academic year.
  • Monday 27 September 2021 Look at our Mud Kitchen!
  • Monday 27 September 2021 Drumming Begins
  • Monday 27 September 2021 Year 6 Science In Science the children created their own creatures. They had to combine two or more animals to create a new creature and describe it using scientific classification such as vertebrate, invertebrate, mammal or reptile. Finally, they had to name their creature. Here are some of their initial designs on whiteboards.
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