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Matterhorn - Monday




Let's predict what our new book could be about. Use clues to guess what might happen in the story.

I think the story is about...
I think this because I can see...


This week we will be practicing contractions. Contractions are when two words are squished together to make one word. When we take letters away we need to replace them with an apostrophe.

Watch this BBC Bitesize video about contractions.


We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.

Special Task


Who doesn't love colourful, sparkly candy? No one can resist rock candy and it's easy to make if you have some patience. You can use this opportunity to have some fun with the kids AND make a tasty science experiment! It's delicious and educational. What do you need? Water, granulated sugar, ice lolly sticks, clothespins, and food colouring. If you don't have food colouring, try using different flavours of Kool-Aid (powdered squash)!

Send me your pictures !