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In Key Stage 1, the focus of History is very much on locally significant events or events within children’s own memories, as well as key events of great significance. In addition, children will find out about important historical people and events, such as Mary Seacole and Sir Francis Drake.

 In Key Stage 2, there are nine main areas of study that are required, some of which have optional strands. The units are relating to British history and are intended to begin the development of a clear chronological understanding. In Sir Francis Drake Primary, the units are taught not necessary in chronological order although they are placed on a class History timeline.

1.     Britain in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages

2.     Roman Britain

3.     Anglo-Saxons and Scots in Britain

4.     Anglo Saxons and Vikings

5.     Local History – Victorian Times

6.     A study of a period after 1066 – British Civil War

7.     WWII

8.     Ancient Greece

9.     Mayan civilisation

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