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Fact and Opinion


What does it mean if something is a fact

Facts are statements that are always correct and can be proven. Everyone will agree with the statement, no matter which perspective they view it from. For example, 'There are 28 students in Year 4 at Sir Francis Drake' is a fact. 


What does it mean if something is an opinion

Opinions are statements that cannot be proven true or false because they are based on feelings. Not everyone in the world will agree with the statement. For example, 'Year 4 is the best class at Sir Francis Drake' is an opinion because it cannot be proven and not everyone will agree with the statement.


Watch the video below to clarify what you have just learnt about facts and opinions.


Task: Write one fact and one opinion for each of the characters from Journey to the River Sea in the table below.

 I have completed one for you as an example

Character Fact Opinion
Maia Maia is a girl that has moved to Manaus, Brazil to live with the Carters.  Maia is a very nice girl.
Miss Minton
Mr Carter
Mrs Carter


Try to write lots of different types of facts and opinions. I do not want to see "________ is a girl." or "_________ is a boy" for all of the facts.

You might like to challenge yourself and write some more facts and opinions about other characters in the story or add other facts and opinions to the characters in the table..



You may either: 

  • draw your table in pen/pencil then send me a photo of your work or
  • create the table using an app or digital document and send it to me in an email

Please send your work to 




Click on the link below to access the French page for Year 4


Hands on Activity - Learn how to Sweep the Floor

 It is important to know how to sweep a floor because it:

  • Stops dust from building up
  • Prevents scratches on the floor
  • Makes floors look their best


Task: Sweep either your bathroom or kitchen floor or any other room that does not have carpet.  It might be difficult to get it right if this is your first time but, don't worry, each time you practise you will get better and quicker at doing it yourself.


How to Sweep the Floor

If you like, you can send me a video or photo of you sweeping the floor at  I will post the photos in theIndependent Champions section of our Year 4 weekly page.


It is important to learn how to do things for yourself. This is called being INDEPENDENT. Learning to be more independent and do things for yourself helps you:

  • learn new things
  • build self-esteem and confidence
  • make good decisions
  • develop responsibility
  • feel important and like you belong
  • develop coordination