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Everest - Wednesday



Year 6 French



Bonjour tout le monde! (Good morning everyone!)

I do hope you have all had a great half term and that you have spent some of it in the sunshine.   I hope you are all keeping safe and well.  Below are this week's worksheets (WB le 1er juin).  You will notice that they are revsion of topics we have covered, but without worksheets until now!


Les couleurs


Complete the work on the Word documents and email me your work at, please.

If you have access to the internet, you can watch the clips related to these worksheets by following the 5 steps on the French section of the school website.  If you have difficulty logging in, look at the PDF instructions.  Once again my email address is: and the password is: sfdfrench2020.

For this week's worksheets, look at the following clips:

Unit 4


Unit 10

Les couleurs


 A bientot!

Mme Lue-Cooper




Maths Challenege

Challenge 1

Jane is standing in a queue.

There are 5 people in front of her.

There are 2 people behind her.


How many people are in the queue?

An illustration of Jane.

Challenge 2

Rosie says that she has 80 pence and Mo says he has 12 pence.

Rosie gives Mo 25 pence.

How much more money does Rosie have than Mo now?

Challenge 3


The graphic shows three rows of math sentences; Row 1: 70 + circle = 100; Row 2: 50 + triangle = 100; Row 3: circle + triangle + square = 100.

What is the value of the blue square?

Challenge 4


The perimeter of this regular hexagon is 42 cm.

A regular hexagon.

Four of these hexagons are put together to make this shape.

What is the perimeter of the shape?

Challenge 5

Charlie has a tin of paint.

The tin is half full and weighs 5.8 kg. Charlie paints a wall in his house.

The tin is now a quarter full and weighs 3.1 kg.

How much does the empty tin weigh?

A full tin of blue paint.


Challenge 6

A spinner has 5 equal sections. The sections are labelled A to E.

A spinner partitioned into five equal segments labelled A, B, C, D and E.

The arrow is pointing to the centre of section A.

The left spinner is pointing at letter A and the right spinner is pointing at letter D.

Tom rotates the arrow clockwise so that the arrow is now pointing to the centre of section D.

What angle has the arrow been rotated through?


 Answers please to